Art In Action, Across Borders: A Collective Zine of Solidarity

March 1, 2023 by

On Saturday, February 11, neighbors from all around New York City came to Interference Archive to participate in collaborative zine-making while listening and contributing to a live broadcast to Radio AlHara, coordinated with Musicians For Palestine.

Download and read the zine we made together here, and listen to the mix

“This collective gathering to make zines together at Interference Archive was beautiful! At a time when so much communication revolves around screens, joining people gathered together at a bunch of tables in Brooklyn to cut and paste zines to express support for Palestine was a very meaningful experience. Also this event was an opportunity to gather, talk and share ideas. 

One of the main ideas that we were trying to express was to express the importance of building connections across struggles for liberation, to support the Palestinian struggle for freedom and the global BDS movement as part of other struggles for freedom. 

At the event I shared stories with people about local organizing for migrant justice, about pasting up street art in the winter and also about the importance of community radio projects. I heard stories about the Black Lives Matter movement in NYC and also reflected on collective actions during Occupy Wall Street. Also I spoke with a friend in Brooklyn who is a librarian, as we made zines together we talked about how public shared spaces are so essential to both movement building and collective well being.

For this event it was great to hear mixes by Radio AlHara residents in the NY region and also to broadcast original works by artists who support Musicians For Palestine. Thank you to Devin Brahja Waldam for playing saxophone, to Mark Trecka, The Solidarity Index, Ted Riederer of Never Records and Mateo Correa for contributing to the collective live mix that aired globally.”

Stefan Christoff

Stefan Christoff works with Musicians for Palestine and is a regular contributor to Radio AlHara. Stefan is at spirochristoff on IG or on Twitter at spirodon.