Rebel Newsprint: Ten Covers

Guest blog by Sean Stewart
For my money, the underground press is the best window into the 1960s’ youth rebellion.
Opening tonight at Interference Archive, the exhibition Rebel Newsprint: The Underground Press features a wide range of over a hundred underground newspapers from my collection, and will include a handful of papers for people to flip through (no white gloves required); a full paste-up issue that perfectly illustrates the incredible amount of work that went into creating each issue; and a couple pieces of original art. I’ll also be giving away twenty-four copies of my book On the Ground: An Illustrated Anecdotal History of the Sixties’ Underground Press in the U.S. (PM Press, 2011).
Here are ten covers from the show that I’ve specially selected to share because of their convenient location at the top of the install pile.


Traveling Exhibition at Silent Barn, Brooklyn
January 29 – March 15, 2013