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Archive: Oct 2014

Film screening: On the side of the road

Monday, November 10, 2014

Former West Bank settler Lia Tarachansky looks at Israelis’ collective amnesia of the fateful events of 1948 when the state of Israel was born and most of the Palestinians became refugees. She follows the transformation of Israeli veterans trying uncover their denial of the war that changed the region forever.

Riot, Conspiracy, or Rebellion: The Pontiac Brothers Slideshow

Sunday, November 9 **PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE!**

Dr. Toussaint Losier, Assistant Professor in African Americans and the Law at the W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies at University of Massachusetts-Amherst, presents a 35mm slide show created in the late 1970s to raise consciousness and support for the Pontiac Brothers, and discusses the reaction of the state of Illinois, which prosecuted 17 of the incarcerated men for murder. We will examine how the Pontiac and Stateville prison revolts reverberate through organizing into the present day.

About the Education Working Group

In keeping with the mission of Interference Archive, we are hoping to create educational opportunities that activate the collection at the archive, whether by drawing on similar themes or using the collection for inspiration and research.

Re.Framing Activism Blog: October 21, 2014

“We’re doing it slow” – Community Archives as Protest Spaces by Anne Kaun (Södertörn University) Community archives as self-organized spaces storing and working with ephemera, posters, books, pins, fanzines and other material forms are crucial to protect the voices of the movements beyond mainstream History writing. Community archives have been of importance since social movements | More »

Radical Proposals Against Apartheid in South Africa

December 12, 7-9pm

This class will focus on the visions of radical social transformation that were produced in South Africa during the struggle against apartheid.

Workshop: Activate the Archive: Exploring and Utilizing the IA video collection

December 14, 1-4pm

Interference Archive is home to a collection of videos that represent cross-sections of radical media production over the last 30 years. This workshop is an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the work in the collection and to open a discussion regarding the challenges and issues creating an activist video archive.

Graphic design and social change movements

***DATE CHANGE: December 20, 6-8pm

Social movements increasingly need visual thinkers to communicate their goals and designers have, in ever larger numbers, sought to employ their skills in the on-the-ground struggles of organizing and social change. This class will examine the historic role of the graphic design profession in creating work for movements.

Workshop: Counter-Tourism!

December 18, 6:30-8:30pm AND December 20, 10am-2pm

In this course hosted by SCAT!, we’ll explore “counter-tourism.” We’ll crash-practice different ways of place-based storytelling—oral history, theater of the oppressed, writing on walls, talking back, story circling, one-on-one organizing—and discuss how people from all over the map use them to build intergenerational connections and community power.

Todays processing- Autonomía newpapers

Trying to put a dent in a large donation of materials from Latin America in the range of 2002-2007. These Autonomía newspapers were published in Mexico City, edited by the Colectivo Autonómo Magonista (CAMA) in 2005/2006. They’re well designed and contain a lot of well cited graphics and illustrations from artists like Rini Templeton (pictured | More »

The Media: October 10, 2014

The archive’s current exhibit, “Self-Determination Inside/Out: Prison Movements Reshaping Society”, focuses on work made by prisoners and allies from the 1970s to present. It’s a compelling look at the culture of prisons, including prison newsletters, pamphlets, video and audio interviews, prints, photography, magazine covers, and more.