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Education in the Archives: free online curriculum from the Education Working Group

The Education Working Group at Interference Archive has spent some time over the last year and a half thinking about how we can better support classroom educators want to use our collections with their students. How can we give access for teachers who can’t bring their students? How can we help teachers who do reach out to book a class visit (more info about that on our Visit page), if they’d like to talk about archival material in advance of bringing students, or if they want some kind of followup activity?

Our collective brainstorming led us to create a series of curriculum resources related to health and health care. When we started this project in 2017, that felt like a pressing issue — and it still does.

Each of these sets contains some brief introductory text; a selection of archives materials related to the theme; a few questions to help students analyze and discuss the materials; and, in some cases, some suggested for further reading.

Check out the following resource sets:

Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health / download as a PDF

Consent and Safe Sex  / download as a PDF

Community Health / download as a PDF

Health and Environmental Issues / download as a PDF

Health Care Access and Health Agency / download as a PDF

Do you have any suggestions for how we could improve or continue this project? Any teaching resources you’d like to help us create? Please get in touch!