Education Working Group Fall 2014 classes and workshops

November 2, 2014 by

The Education Working Group at Interference Archive hopes to create educational opportunities that activate the collection at the archive, whether by drawing on similar themes or using the collection for inspiration and research.
In fall 2014, we’ve put together a schedule of classes and workshops that members of the Interference Archive community as well as newcomers have proposed.  Be sure to visit the Education section of our website for more info!
Here’s a list of what’s planned. Be sure to check each event description on the website to see if RSVPs are necessary.
November 6, 6-9pm: The Activist’s Guide to Archiving Video
This workshop will present a basic overview and practical tips for activists and small organizations on how to archive and preserve their videos, and provide a forum for participants to discuss video archiving challenges and solutions.
November 8, 7-9pm: The Paris Commune
This class will focus on examining the Commune through use of contemporary documents of the Communards, their own post mortems of the event, as well as graphics held by the Interference Archive.
November 9, 6-8pm: Workshop: The Activist’s Guide to Archiving Ephemera
Do you have an overflowing box stuffed with flyers, posters, meeting minutes, and other things that you’ve collected as an activist? So do we! This workshop will present an overview of best practices for how to best arrange and preserve your ephemera for long- term stewardship and possible future use.
November 23, 7-10pm: Discussion: Cult films and food injustice
How do cult films provide an opportunity to consider imagined and actual injustices, and imagined and actual strategies of resistance, in NYC 2022 and NYC 2014?
December 6, 1-4pm: Workshop: What’s your story? A study and creation of comics
In this class, we will explore the wide variety of comics in the archive and discuss their personal and societal impact. The second half of the session will be a lesson in the art of comic creation.
December 12, 7-9pm: Radical proposals against apartheid in South Africa
This class will focus on the visions of radical social transformation that were produced in South Africa during the struggle against apartheid.
**DATE CHANGE: December 20, 6-8pm: Graphic Design and Social Change Movements
Social movements increasingly need visual thinkers to communicate their goals and designers have, in ever larger numbers, sought to employ their skills in the on-the-ground struggles of organizing and social change. This class will examine the historic role of the graphic design profession in creating work for movements.
December 14, 1-4pm: Workshop: Activate the Archive: Exploring and Utilizing the IA video collection
Interference Archive is home to a collection of videos that represent cross-sections of radical media production over the last 30 years. This workshop is an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the work in the collection and to open a discussion regarding the challenges and issues creating an activist video archive.
December 18, 6:30-8:30pm AND December 20, 10am-2pm (two parts): Counter-Tourism!
In this course hosted by SCAT!, we’ll explore “counter-tourism.” We’ll crash-practice different ways of place-based storytelling—oral history, theater of the oppressed, writing on walls, talking back, story circling, one-on-one organizing—and discuss how people from all over the map use them to build intergenerational connections and community power.

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